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Anxious, Shy and Fearful? Self-Help DVDs and E-Books Can Eliminate Your Symptoms Without Therapy!

Do you feel nervous, anxious or depressed? Are you having problems at work? Are you husband or kids driving you crazy?

Do you resist getting counseling because of the embarrassment or medication because of the side effects? Or, maybe you are in counseling now, but want to speed-up the results.

Wondering if something other than medication or counseling might help you? After all, once in psychotherapy or counseling, you will have to confront unpleasant facts about the pathological ways you think and the indignities you suffered in childhood.

You will have to attend once per week for many weeks on top of maintaining your full home, work and parenting schedules. The demands on your time can be overwhelming.

This article reveals why you might want to use a self-help tool rather than signing up with a counselor for therapy or a doctor that prescribes drugs. First, drugs can have many side effects, including sexual dysfunction, weight gain and agitation, just to name a few.

Also, confronting your family's dysfunctions, as well as your own, in counseling may be both frightening and embarrassing.
After all, exposing your weaknesses, bad habits and unflattering motivations, might be humiliating and embarrassing.

Unfortunately, like most of us, much of your anxiety and depression probably has its genesis in your own selfish drives, motivations and unrealistic expectations. We experience painful trials in childhood and adulthood that we sometimes unknowingly repeat and mimic.

Freud called this repetition compulsion and in counseling, we are required to confront the destructive impact that it is having on our lives. We also have to confront the rationalizations, denial and minimizing we do that perpetuates are problems and causes pain for our loved ones.

These are emotional techniques that make us miserable that we have used since childhood. In adulthood, they can ruin our lives and the lives of those around us and cause painful levels of depression and anxiety.

By continuing to use these defense techniques in adulthood, we experience unending painful emotional problems. Professional psychotherapy is designed to bring these dysfunctional coping mechanisms to awareness.

However, you, like many others, may want help to feel happy, energized and invigorated again but don't want to begin by consulting a mental health professional or taking mind-altering medications. If you're one of those, I have fantastic news.

Now, you can get the help you need from the comfort of your own home anytime you want! That's because new generation self-help programs are now available and are providing amazing relief from anxiety for their users.

They are called Self-Therapy Kits (STKs) and using them is like having your own private therapist at your disposal 24/7. Many savvy people are now using them because they are cutting-edge digital programs and they are relieving many peoples' anxieties almost overnight!

They love these amazing programs because they can get fantastic results without taking medications that have the potential for dangerous side effects. They are self-contained, innovative and are a real bargain when compared to the drudgery and expense involved in procuring weekly professional consultations and dangerous medicines.

They can be easily located by using a search engine. Just search for "self-help" "self-improvement books," "self-help for anxiety, depression," self-therapy "etc.

STKs are powerful compact digital self-help therapists; they provide fast therapeutic help that is permanent and long-lasting. They are a godsend for savvy new-generation people that are part of this new digital age.

STKs are extraordinary because they are delivered in an exciting multimedia format. They can include any or all of the following: DVDs, MP3s, e-books, workbooks, videos etc.

Another great benefit is that, because they are self-paced, when using them, you are in total control. You use them anytime you want in the privacy of your own home.

Therefore, it's like having your own professional consultant available to you around the clock, anytime, day or night. STKs provide amazing guided imagery experiences and easy progress monitoring methods so you can finally eliminate your nagging and troubling symptoms for good.

Great news: There are no risky drugs or onerous, time-consuming counseling sessions to undergo.


Q: What if I am consulting a professional counselor now? Can I use an STK at the same time?

A: Using an STK while in professional treatment will likely supercharge the speed and quality of your recovery. As a matter of fact, using it as an adjunct or companion to your professional treatment could rapidly accelerate the speed of your recovery exponentially!

Q: How do I choose the best STK for me?

A: Peruse a list of self-therapy kits by conducting an internet search and study their brochures carefully. Important: Be certain that any STK you may select is guaranteed unconditionally.

STKs are a godsend to many, are a bargain and easy to use!

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