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It is undeniable that one of the most important things that business people must do to keep up to date is read business books. However, people with important positions in many companies have to deal with a big problem due to their responsibility positions: lack of time.

I have recently had the opportunity to read some interviews to managers and company directors, where they were asked which was the last business book they have read. And most of them hadn’t read one for a long time, they couldn’t during the day because they didn’t have time, and were very tired to do it at night when they returned home. So we were having a generation of managers, or people with responsibility positions in companies that were not reading business books.

Fortunately for them, there is a big new trend, there are lot of business books that have been recorded to obtain audio business books. Now they can listen to that audio business book when they are traveling to work, or returning home in their car, or while they are doing other tasks, such as while they are doing exercise. In this way, they can keep updated with the latest methods, trends, news about business in general, or the area where they specialize.

I presume if I listen to some similar interviews with business people in the near future, they will say something like: Well, I have not read any business books in the last days or months, but I have listened to lots of them!

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