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Book Review – Being in Balance by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Inspirational speaker and author, Wayne W. Dyer, has written more than 20 books to help readers create lives filled with inner peace and use the Law of Attraction to create the life they truly want. This was my first introduction to using the Law of Attraction, which says our thoughts are energy and when you focus on a thought, you put out a certain vibration, positive thoughts equal positive energy and negative thoughts equal negative energy. The Law of Attraction, a natural law of the Universe, says like attracts like so thinking positive thoughts attracts positive people, events and thoughts to help you achieve the goals you focus on most.

The reverse of this is that many people use the Law of Attraction and don’t know it. Most people live life as observers, reacting to what happens to them and allowing that to shape their thoughts and feelings. If you focus on fears and the negative, you attract that into your life as well. The key is learning to focus on the thoughts and situations you want in your life.

Whatever you are feeling or thinking, you CAN change it and attract more good into your life. Dyer’s writings are all about how to achieve self-sufficiency and stop being a victim in life.

One chapter that would resonate with most people is “You Can’t Discover Light by Analyzing the Darkness” or you can’t achieve abundance in your life by focusing on its lack or the scarcity of it. If you focus on your debts, for instance, you will attract more debt. If you focus on abundance, you will attract that in to your life.

One thing I like about this book though, is that it isn’t just about achieveing wealth or “things.” It is about becoming a more spiritual, forgiving person and how this helps you in all other areas of your life.

Dyer also talks about balancing your spiritual life with your material life, how to live a peaceful life in today’s seemingly crazy world, how to focus our thoughts and overcome negative thinking to realign with our true Well-Being and how to balance your joy in life with your need to succeed.

For those who read this book and follow the 9 Principles, they will find their life more peaceful, joyous and abundant. I highly recommend this and other books by Wayne Dyer as a real manual to help you take control of your own life and have, do or be anything you choose.

This book came to me by “accident” although Wayne Dyer says there are no accidents, only synchronicity. This was the first book I’d read by Dyer but since then I’ve read most of his others too. I learn something new from each one and I learn more from re-reading each book as well.

Being in Balance is published by Hay House, Inc. in 2006

ISBN 13: 978-1-4019-1038-9

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© Copyright 2006 by Joan Jones

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