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Book Review: Dear John

Dear John is Nicholas Sparks' latest novel. I've read all of Sparks' books and I have my favorites, such as The Notebook , and now Dear John is on my list of favorites too.

It's a touching story of young love that lasts a lifetime. The main character, John Tyree, first met the love of his life, Savannah Curtis, on the beach in North Carolina. At the time, John was home visiting his father while on a short leave from the military. Savannah, a college student, was in town with some of her peers working on a Habitat for Humanity project.

The two were an unlikely pair from the beginning. John was somewhat of a rebel who ran off right after high school to join the Army, while Savannah was a pure, hardworking, Southern girl. But, as they say, opposites attract. From the beginning, theirs was a powerful bond that unfortunately was always separated by time and distance. John had his obligations to his military duty and Savannah had her obligations to completing her education.

However, the two remained very committed to each other, despite their distance, until the unexpected events of September 11th changed everything, not only for the world, but also for this young couple's future.

A novel like this makes you wonder about all the people who pass through our lives and how often a single incident can change fate forever. It's a very endearing and heartwarming story about love and sacrifice. If you decide to check it out, my only recommendation is that you might want to have some tissue nearby!

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