Book Review: Kane and Abel

Jeffrey Archer is known for his soul stirring plots and memorable characters, and every book of his has a character that lingers in the reader’s mind for years to come. It is these characters that have created an unbreakable bond between Archer and his fans.

But what if there were not one but two characters in a tome that came out of Archerverse? Would Archer fans like one more than the other? Would one create a niche for themselves and the other be a forgotten legacy? One of his most famous books, Kane and Abel tells us the answer to this question. Here is the complete review.

Book Synopsis:

Kane and Abel tells the simple story of two people who have nothing in common except their birthdays. One is born on the other side of the Iron Gate, while the other is born in the lap of luxury.

The books tells us about the systematic growth of both these characters, and weaves a story that interconnects the life and times of these two characters.

Book Review:

Very rarely does a book arrive that grabs its readers by the scruff of their neck and puts them down in their armchair and commands, maybe in a thick British accent, ‘Do not leave until you have devoured all pages.” This is one such book.

Kane and Abel is a ageless wonder whose story – basically the life story of two men – transcends through all age groups and niche lovers. This is one of those books that will remain relevant till the time the idea of reading and writing is prevalent.

While Archer successfully creates two flesh-and-bone characters, what he does also succeed in is giving a glimpse of the old world, right during the Holocaust and after to young readers. If anyone ever wanted to understand what effects the Wars had on the human population without going the docudrama way, this book is a must buy.

But while Archer connects and creates several aspects in this book, what it ultimately is a human story and human triumph, one of those books that leave a lump in the throat of the most hardened reader.


Kane and Abel is a flawless book, and buying it would not just entertain the reader, but it is guaranteed to add another facet to the lives of everyone that reads it, touching them in a manner few other fiction books have.

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