Book Review – The Notebook

Normally, I do not write book reviews on works of fiction. But, this book is a well-written book that elevated the writing career of Nicholas Sparks to the next stratosphere. The book, "The Notebook", is one of those books that can translates well into the movies. Surprisingly, it took almost a decade before this book became a movie.

Nicholas Sparks next few books- "Message in a Bottle" and "A Walk to Remember" became hit movies. Together with the movie, "A Walk to Remember", this book and movie, "The Notebook", are the best works of Nicholas Sparks. The book version of "The Notebook" is a better book than the book version of "A Walk To Remember".

As far as the writing style of "The Notebook", it is written as a well-versed and well-written work of art. Just as an alliteration brings flow to words, his style in this book brings flow to the story. It was one of his first written works. It is his biggest selling and most popular work.

The story is fictional but there is some truth that is drawn from Nicholas Spark's own life. There is plenty of familiar truths in this particular work- a long-drawn love affair, loyalty between spouses despite sickness, diverse backgrounds drawn together by love, pain and suffering from lost love, triumph in finding your lost love, and a love that spans many years and generations.

There are two stories in "The Notebook". One is the young and innocent love between differing individuals and another is mature (older) and tested love between similar individuals. The interesting aspect of these two love stories is that they are about the same couple but in different eras. The later love that demonstrates patience and loyalty is more appealing. There is excitement that goes with younger love, but there is stability and heart with mature love. It also tests the marriage vows of "… in sickness and in health". Even when his wife has severe case of Alzheimer, he remains devoted to her until the end. This is what the book, "The Notebook", brings to its audience. It appeals to a diverse group of people. The common denominator is the love between a younger / older man and a younger / older woman.

"The Notebook" is not just for entertainment purposes but many schools actually use this book as one of their books to be read in English class. It is one of the few modern books that even has Cliff Notes. This is also one of the pieces of art that is good (or even great) both as a book and a movie.

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