Creed Griffon – Young Adult Fiction Book

Let’s face it, as the final Harry Potter movie rolls around this summer there will be an empty void in the hearts and minds of all young adult fiction novel fans. Since I was a child, I always found great comfort in reading a good book. It didn’t have to be a great legend, a masterpiece novel, or on the New York Times best seller list to sweep me away into its pages. For me, it was always the story and the characters inside the pages that tagged the book as a best seller in my mind. Nowadays, there is so much false hype around some of the books and movies out there that you really can’ t tell if the story is going to be good until you’ve already spent your money on the book or a movie ticket. More often than not, we find ourselves trapped inside a weak story line with even weaker characters and we can’t help but feel like we were robbed of our hard earned money.

This is not the case with The Road To Dendura. Trust me, I’ve read thousands of books in my lifetime and I can tell you that the tale of Creed Griffon will live on for a long time to come. All avid readers have a knack for picking up on good stories that are destined to become a hard hitting book series as well as major motion pictures.

Here are a few good things about Book One of the Creed Griffon Series. The author’s name will catch your attention very quickly “C. L. Lewis.” Does that name remind you of anyone? Yes, of course, we’re all C. S. Lewis and Narnia fans deep at heart. So when you see the name C. L. Lewis, it simply jumps off of the book cover at you. Also, as much as we all like Harry Potter, isn’t it unsettling that he only got attacked when he was at school? This happened for at least for the first three books and movies. Creed Griffon is in the real world where his evil enemies are relentless in hunting him down. Creed never gets a break; he just can’t simply walk away from Hogwarts and live normally until school starts again. The Road To Dendura is a place where Creed must face and overcome his fears, he must choose to be good or to give into evil, he must choose to go on or to give up and quit, and to me – those decisions are as close to real life as you can get. This is what makes The Road To Dendura a great young adult fiction novel; it shows kids that they can overcome any obstacle in their path and that quitting is never an option.

C. L. Lewis has a way of speaking to the reader directly. Her words, the dialogue of the characters, flow and read as smoothly as two kids talking to each other at the school bus stop or two adults having a conversation over a good cup of coffee. That is how young adult fiction books should read – smooth, continuous, while driving you towards an edge of the seat climax that makes it all worthwhile. As a parent, you can expect to see many good things for your child to get out of this book: good character, exceptional morals, courage during trials, and the will to continue whatever the quest may be. Lastly, C. L. Lewis adds more than a fair share of good laughter, trust, and friendship to this tale. This book will make you smile, and then you too will wonder if Creed Griffon is the next Harry Potter.

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