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Walk down the streets of any town anywhere in the world and the one thing that is the same is everyone is different. We come in different sizes, different shapes, and every one of our bodies works just a little bit differently. This is especially true for those who suffer from some type of disease or illness. There are both physical and mental forms of illnesses today and perhaps the most common mental illness is clinical depression. Everyone suffers from some type of depression at some point in their life, for example after losing a dear family member or friend. That is OK and completely normal but people suffering from clinical depression on the other hand suffer from depression during large portions of their lives. There may not even be a legitimate reason they are depressed. Even finding out they have been diagnosed as suffering from clinical depression holds its challenges.

When it comes to finding a treatment it can often be an overwhelming experience as there are dozens if not hundreds of ways a person can go about treating their depression. Of course everyone has heard of the more common ways such as antidepressants and counseling but there are also some lesser known methods out there that are quickly gaining momentum. With rising prescription cost and lessing health care benefits many people have turned to depression self help methods.

These methods can include a variety of different treatments only one of which is depression self help books. These books tend to focus on things that the person suffering from depression can change in his or her life. Some of the key elements in this type of treatment revolve around physical health.

The first method the person suffering from depression may attempt is a change in diet. Diets low in Omega3 fatty acids have been shown to contribute to symptoms of depression. If you are like I once was you may not have any idea how you can go about adding this to your diet but not to worry it really is simple. If you enjoy eating meat the best source of Omega3 fatty acids would be fish, but if you don’t care for meat you can substitute hempseed oil.

Once you have tackled the matter of personal diet you will want to address your weekly amount of exercise. In today’s world everything is fast and easy and somehow exercise has found the door with the exit sign. You need to break this habit and start getting at least a half hour of exercise every few days. This will not only have positive physical results it will also have positive mental ones. When you exercise you are releasing built up stress in a healthy fashion. Some of the more subtle things you can do to combat depression is simply get out more and socialize as well as get more sun. Both of these things are shown to improve depression symptoms.

These are only a few of the methods taught in depression self help books and like any plan it may be a good idea to consult your doctor before changing diet or beginning an exercise program.

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