Do You Read Books?

For many, books are a passion that can not be passed up. These people face a challenge, though. Sure, books are available in many of the finest libraries around the world. But, did you know that in the hectic society that we are living in that books that are found in book stores are on their way out? Yes, it is true that more and more book stores are closing their doors. This has become a sad testament to the way we live our lives.

Often, individuals who are looking for specific books will go to the book store, request it and either buy it or go somewhere else to buy it. Those that browse from shelf to shelf, examining the bindings of several books, possibly reading the flaps of a few, are on their way out. Book store owners claim that people are just too busy to stop and browse the selections. They do not have time to touch the bindings of beautifully bound books to determine if they are worth the cost. Instead, they want the books they have seen advertised or those that have been talked about enough to where they draw the attention in. Sad, but it is oh so true.

Does this mean that less and less people are reading books? No, not necessarily. More people are finding other avenues to get the books they want to read. In some areas, libraries have grown in popularity as the cost of books has risen. It is much more economical to wait a few weeks to borrow a book, read it, then return it without spending one red penny (that is of course if you don’t have to deal with late fees). Other people are heading to discount department stores that carry many of the latest fads in books from children’s to inspirational to classics. These stores can offer smaller prices than any of the book stores we know of.

In the end, books are still books. They still hold an adventure within their pages that brings life to our lives. We can still get carried away in their thoughtful _expression and intricate details. The worlds that are within the pages can still help us to forget about our own world for at least a few minutes anyway. No matter where we get the books we read, we know that having a good one by our side is the most important of all points.

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