Escape The Mundane With Fantasy Books

Fantasy books will let your imagination fly. There is something about sitting down and reading a book and imagining the characters and settings, that is far more satisfying than watching a movie of the story. Science fiction books and horror books have legions of fans. There are certain authors like Stephen King who have developed a sizable and loyal following over the years. He is a master of his craft and manages to come up with interesting plot lines even after so many years of writing. Sci Fi has spawned many movies and television shows that are very popular with the general public.

Reading these works is a welcome escape from drudgery for many people. It is easy to sit down in a comfortable chair and curl up with a good book. Nowadays it is also possible to download all the major works on an Amazon Kindle or other ebook. It is this type of technology that was first foreshadowed in the works of Science Fiction. Not many people forty years ago would have believed it possible to download thousands of books onto a small computer tablet. Sci Fi has certainly contributed to making this possible by firing the imaginations of the future inventors of these products.

Many gadgets once seen only on Star Trek are now available in the modern world. There were a number of Star Trek fans who asked themselves if such things were possible, and then went on to invent the technology that now powers devices such as cell phones. The ideas in these books tend to precede them actually being invented. Flying the Space Shuttle is certainly a very futuristic endeavor that would not have been possible without imaginations working overtime. Once something is conceived in a book it tends to be brought to the market place in due time.

Fantasy books are a great escape and fun to read. Stephen King will forever go down in history as a master of his craft. No one can write horror books quite like him. His works are timeless and classic tales. Science fiction books are responsible for firing the imaginations of many inventors. And thanks to these inventors we now have a myriad of modern gadgets that we would not have had otherwise. These genres have contributed greatly to the modern comforts of our society. Sitting down with a good book is something that everyone should indulge in on a regular basis.

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