Fantasy Books Can Be a Child’s Teacher

If you want your child to learn certain facts you reach for the appropriate non-fiction book. Non-fiction focuses on facts gathered from sources referenced in the footnotes.

Be that as it may, regardless of age everything we see, hear, and experience is our teacher. The more we enjoy what is being taught the more we are open to learning. Fiction fantasy books are most often very enjoyable and usually read or listened to when the child feels safe, comfortable and relaxed. This puts fiction fantasy books in the top ten of being a child’s teacher.

Reading a story that through adventures shows how acceptance of the differences in others and celebrating their own differences leads to friendship, can make a subtle change in how a child’s looks at life. Some children’s fantasy books have the lasting effect of seeing beauty in the caterpillar as well as the beauty in the butterfly that it later becomes.

The fewer the illustrations in a book the more the reader uses and strengthens his or her imagination.

As a child’s uses his or her imagination to create the image of characters and places described in the book, his or her creativity is awakened. Imagination and creativity are important skills to have in most areas of life. All the technology we have to date began in someone’s imagination and moved forward through knowledge combined with creativity.

Facts about the world around us and the importance of balance in our ecosystem environments can also come from some fantasy books. Science tells us how long turtles live; we can also read about the wisdom of grandfather turtle. When was the last time you read about fairies gathering dew from the petals of roses to use in healing, and animals in the forest using plants to help them heal?

The media explains that Chamomile tea is relaxing, and herb textbooks go further into its properties. You may however find yourself reaching for Chamomile tea when your stomach is upset because you read the tale of Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit’s mother gave him Chamomile tea after his stomach felt terrible from eating too many vegetables in the garden. The fox in the book What Tail? gave his visiting friends Sweet Leaf tea.

You probably will not want to be anywhere that a skunk has sprayed, but you can read the good reason why Mother Nature gave skunks the terrible smelling oil they spray. When a child reads about why a fox is different than his brothers and sisters, he or she might learn things such as the actual color of a red fox cub’s fur.

Fantasy book allow children to learn while escaping into a safe world that might be very different from the world around them at that time. They can discover that what others say is strange or different about them, is perfectly natural for them and can be fun.

Wise old owls appear in various children’s books, which not only gives a child respect for any owl they see, but gives them a reason to listen to teachers, relatives and others who they consider old.

All facts read are stored in a child’s knowledge bank in the way he or she sees or imagines those facts. Talking with your child about the fantasy book he or she just read, or heard, is a wonderful way to learn how your child sees the world around him or her. If you ask, you might even hear what he or she would have done differently than what the character did or said.

Some fantasy books filled with mystery and adventures can teach children how friendship magically happens just from accepting others who look or act differently from them. One fantasy book might open the perfect doors for that child at the right time in his or her lifetime.

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