Fiction Books – Give Wings to Your Imagination

Fiction is defined as the act of feigning, inventing or imagining. This class of literature comprise the works of imaginative narration. Various genre of books are available in the markets these days. People who like reading books basically select their favorite ones from their preferred genre. Books often enhance the vocabulary power and the language skills of a reader. This habit is common in every age segment of people. From kids to grown ups, we can find a percentage of people which fall under the category of avid book readers. These books are popularly based on imagination and permit the readers to satisfy their desire for suspense and fantasy.

Fiction books broadly include various genres within them. People can easily find romantic fiction novels and science fiction books at book stores across around the world. The stories which are depicted in these books can even deal with real life incidents. But while describing the real life situations they often include certain fantasy elements to incite the curiosity of the readers. These books also often carry social messages which can help the people to learn the right values of life.

Some of the top rated fiction books are God’s Spy, Lies in the Blood, The Jules Verne Collection, The Time Machine, Glasses and Garters and Hot! Autumn etc. These books are liked by the people due to the brilliant imagination of the authors. Suspense, thrill, adventure and fantasy are the main ingredients of these books. A reader is forced to turn the pages steadily to know what is going to happen next. They help to indulge a person in steady reading process. ‘Lies in blood’ is based on the life of Kailin who is a 200 year old vampire. This book brilliantly illustrates the sufferings of the protagonist who struggles to select the right path that is whether to select her beliefs or the rest of her kind. The Hot! Autumn is a horror based novel and tries to find out the reason behind the destruction of all the population on a single inauspicious September morning. The plot and the characters which are depicted in this novel help to create the scary atmosphere to incite the readers for further reading.

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