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Reading is an important aspect of many people’s lives. Books can be found everywhere in a modernized society. They can be found in print and digital forms. Anywhere you look you have access to books. So many books sometimes you really don’t know what you should read. Sure you can join a book club, but there are downsides of that. In the next few paragraphs I will give a list of books at a basic to intermediate vocabulary level and reasons why you should consider reading them.

The first book I would like to recommend to you is the Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby, written by Fitzgerald is set in the roaring twenties and has a great story line. Along with the story line, a lot of double meanings and deep ideas are woven in the words and are seen with thought of the reader. In addition, the book is really well written, Fitzgerald did a very nice job on The Great Gatsby, possibly one of the most popular classics.

Next, I would recommend reading To Kill a Mockingbird. This book is also a great classic. This theme of this book is more straight-forward than the Great-Gatsby and is slightly easier vocabulary. The story is very good and the characters are developed extremely well. By the end of the book you should have a strong attachment to the main characters. I would recommend for all ages to read this great book.

The next book I would recommend reading some people might disagree with. The book I am talking about is actually a play titled The Importance of Being Earnest. This book is hilarious. It is about some lads in Britain and is full of Irony. The author Oscar Wilde did a fantastic job with the plot. The story line is brilliantly clever. The play is short and divided into three acts. If you have not read this you are missing out.

The next book I suggest for you to read is Night. Night has the exact opposite tone of The Importance of Being Earnest, being very serious and realistic. Night is a book about the Holocaust and is very emotional. Personally, I thought this book was better than The Diary of Anne Frank. Elie Wiesel draws from his experience of the Holocaust and writes a very realistic, emotional novel based on a weary part of his life.

Another book I would like to suggest that is a harder read is The Odyssey. I would highly urge you to read the abridged version, unless you are up for a challenge or are a more advanced reader. The Odyssey is an epic, epic poem. Although more lengthy than the other books I have suggested. I found this book to be very interesting. Anyone who likes mythology will find this great poem interesting.

In conclusion, finding out what to read can be troublesome at times. Eventually, you may find an author or genre that you prefer. But as a beginner, reading a few of these books should be worth your time and you may learn to love reading. Of course, this isn’t a full list of books that are classics, just a personal opinion of books that I find to be interesting, well written, and worth my time in reading. If you have read this far, that shows that you be informed on some basic books and I challenge you to read!

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