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Has the Best Self Help Book Been Written Yet?

Over the years there have been many great self help books written. Most of these inspirational books have a similar message, to teach you methods on how to improve your life by implementing various techniques. They all have a common thread running through them, by changing your habits or mindset you can become successful or reach your goals in life. So is there one book that stands out from the rest as the best self help book ever written? Some would say Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill or another choice might be The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. The reality is that the best book is the one that personally moves you, of course this will depend on the style of writing that appeals to you, if the story is based on fact or fiction, if you can identify a connection to your own life or problems.

Many times I have got hold of a book that has failed to move me even though it has come highly recommended or had great reviews it has had little or no impact on my life. Recently I read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, although it is a very old book written way back in 1910 and probably not that well known, this is a book that really touched me, the part that says we all have aa right to be rich and we should all strive for a fuller and more abundant life has really changed the way I look at how I earn money. Another important part in the book is where Wallace D. Wattle explains there is abundance for us all and to get rich we do not have to take from others or even be competitive, in fact we should always sell with the intention of giving great value to the buyer. A good example might be if someone buys a book from you for say $ 20 and by putting into practice the selling techniques in the book they will then make $ 1000 this will give them an amazing return on their purchase. Using this method both seller & buyer have a positive experience that enriches the lives of both parties.

I am very fortunate to be personally involved in an online business opportunity that gives the same added value to the customer that Wallace D. Wattle writes about in his book. Each time I make a sale I know this will make a positive difference to the life of my customer as well as to myself.

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