Homeschool Records – What Goes on a Homeschool Reading List?

So you are working on your homeschool transcript and putting together comprehensive records. It is all going well and the next thing on your to do list is a reading list. You recognize that including a reading list is a great idea. A commonly asked question at this point is what to include on that reading list. The reading list includes everything – all the books you read through high school, every book you read for fun, and every book you read for school. You can even include magazine subscriptions!

There are some people who do not read very much or struggle with reading. You can always fluff it up by including audio books. Another idea if you do not have enough books that you have read personally is to include books that you read aloud.

If you are a prolific reader, then the chances of you capturing a 100% of the books that you read is pretty slim. If you can capture 50% of the book that you read, you are going to be fine. I had two prolific readers, it was about the only thing they had in common. I could not keep up with the books they read. They refused to keep a reading list as much as I cajoled them. About every two months I asked them to bring the books they have been reading and I stack them on the floor and I typed them in.

You cannot hit all the classics. When you think about it, a typical high school AP English course might read and discuss two classic books a quarter. Your children are probably reading more than that so I do not know that I would worry too much.

If you have a few classics per year then that is probably good; colleges care more that they have a balance of classics and more popular literature. If you are applying for a great books program or a great books college then they might care more about seeing some great books. Sometimes they don’t like for you to have read the book because it ruins it for the teachers.

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