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Leadership and Credibility Go Hand in Hand – Self Help Book Review

Credibility is paramount when you are leading a group of people. And to maintain credibility you must have incredible integrity. Often in politics, the first thing the opposition does is to diminish the credibility of the opponent. By destroying the other leaders integrity, or credible nature it gives them the upper hand. In fact, these two traits of a leader are so important that they can make or break their future ability to lead.

Perhaps, it is for this reason that one of my favorite books on leadership, dives into the heart of the subject matter. Indeed, this is a book I would recommend to anyone who is working in a leadership capacity, or will become a leader in the future. If this topic interests you, the name of the book is;

“Credibility; How Leaders Gain It, Lose It, and Why People Demand It,” by James M. Kouzes and Barry Posner, Jossey-Bass Book Publishers; 1995, (368 pp), ISBN 0-787-9005-67.

To prove the credibility of this book, the authors have a foreword by Tom Peters. And the book is extremely well cited book with an abundance of additional references, to back up all the author’s comments and concerns on the issues of integrity, honesty, and credibility in leadership. The character assassination that goes on in the political arena is done so for a reason.

Understanding the dynamics of leadership, are as important as the executive decisions which are made as a leader. This book is broken into chapters and it also contains case studies which highlight all the points and contentions of this leadership dynamic. If you truly want to be a leader, a credible one, then this is a book that I recommend you read, and keep as a reference in your personal library. Please consider all this.

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