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"Off Balance on Purpose" by Dan Thurmon

Just when you thought you were taught everything about achieving the ‘perfect balance’ in your life, whether the source was from TV shows, self-help books, or radio talk-show advice, Dan Thurmon shatters the all-time myth in his book, “Off Balance on Purpose”, that we need to strive to find balance in order to live a happier life. He even explains how much this is, in other words, impossible!

We tend to stress on what we can’t control, we stress when life hits hard, we stress when things don’t go as we planned. But, what if you were taught how to turn your tragedies into triumphs? How to recognize that the troubles in your life, are only aligned with your purpose? How to use your power, your passions, and purpose, to overcome your problems?

You’ll learn how to let go of the things you can’t control, and get a G.R.I.P on the things you can, (he explains what that entails early on in his book, which really spoke to me).

As a young woman in my mid-twenties, I’ve had countless instances where I’ve felt lost, stagnant, unmotivated, and overwhelmed by no sense of direction. I’ve since been enlightened with a clear sense of my purpose since a co-worker of mine loaned me this book. I would recommend to read a chapter here or there, to fully absorb and grasp everything. Reading cover to cover, in my opinion, would only overshadow the message Dan is teaching.

As we all struggle with finding our purpose in our lives, Dan opens up new ways to embrace living life “off-balance”. If we always worked to achieve perfection, bills always paid on time, had perfect relationships, never got sick, even eliminated all car problems (we all have those, unfortunately), or had the perfect day Every Day, we would go insane in trying to reach this unattainable dream. As some of us probably have already. We know that life isn’t perfect, humans aren’t perfect, so how could every day be perfect? You’re not always going to be “balanced”, so why not learn how to take advantage of life’s shortcomings, and use them to work towards your purpose?

I highly recommend this book to anyone of all ages. Especially those like me, who know that they want to do something more in life than working a 9 to 5 job, someone who wanted to learn how to turn my struggles into my strengths.

When bad things happen to you, do you dwell in your own sorrow, or do you rise to the occasion? Well this book teaches you how!!

Get your copy today!!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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