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One of the Classic Self Help Books of All Times – A Book Review

Everyone wants to succeed, and why shouldn’t they? There are 1000s of popular self-help books and yet there are few that have risen to such fame that they are considered classics. I’d like to recommend one to you, one you’ve no doubt heard of. I guess my question is if you haven’t read it yet, why not? The book is:

“Unlimited Power” by Anthony Robbins (1986).

This work is considered one of his best works, and it is a modeling human excellence. It has many stories, examples and historical notes of how to achieve results, accomplish goals and put forth an action plan to win in life, career, business, sports or whatever you choose in your life experience.

Seven Lies of Success described by him is one of the major themes in the book. Here are four that caught my eye; everything happens for a reason and purpose, there is no such thing as failure, take responsibility, and people are our greatest assets. This is a very good book and its sold 10s of millions of copies and has been translated into over 50 languages and it made Tony Robbins a very wealthy man.

Whether or not you care for Anthony Robbins motivational style must not keep you from reading this classic motivational self help book. I am not one to promote self-help books from one of the greatest motivational marketers of our time, but you ought to have a copy of this book and read it with interest to reflect on your own personal success or lack of. It will open your mind and make you think, and that’s the point. Everyone should have a copy.

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