Reading Books For Pleasure, An Enjoyable Event

You like to read. You just don't like to read what the teacher tells you you have to read for class. Such boring books. Sure, they are called classics. Dickens, Elliot, Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott –all those and more. I guess if you were to read them on your own you may enjoy them.

School may have done you a disservice. All those book reports both written and oral. Theme, premise, overview.

Books are made to be enjoyed not suffered through.

To enjoy a book there is a proper way to read it.

Let's look at nonfiction.

Pick up the book. Feel its weight. Rotate it in your hand.

Look at the title. Ask yourself, before you open the pages, just what does the title tell you the book is about.

Now open it. Look at the table of contents. This should tell you a bit of what is going to be covered. If there is an introduction, read it. If you like jot down questions you want answered. Interact with the book.

Then start reading it.

If it were fiction you should note the point of view. By this I mean is it first person or second ?. How many points of view? What is the genre? Mystery? Adventure? Romance? Did it satisfy? Would you recommend this to your friend?

A non fiction book would be read to get information, Does it do that job?

Look at the appendix. Maybe it will also have an index.

Let's take an example.

The book to be read is a book by Zig Ziglar.

Ziglar was a motivational speaker who recently passed away.

You pick up his book called Top Performance with the subtitle. How to develop excellence in yourself and others.

Fine. The title tells you what you will expect t learn in the book.

How to present yourself

You notice it was written with the help of Jim Savage.

It is hard cover. There are about 288 pages.

You open to the page of contents It has three parts you notice. There are 16 chapters. An epilogue is at the end. A recommended reading list concludes the book.

There is a forward and an introduction. Each chapter opens with a quote and concludes with a summary called Performance Principles.

You start to read it. You like the style. Ziglar writes like a neighbor talking to you over the back fence. As he writes he instructs. Over and over he says you can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want .. It makes a person feel good.

So that is one example. I am sure that you get the idea.

Go. And enjoy reading for pleasure.

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