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Self-Help Audio Books: Discover How To Supercharge Your Mind Effortlessly

Gone are the days when it was an effort to find time, space and peace and quiet to read a good book for self-improvement. Many people find, prior to having a family and starting a career, they could read as often as they pleased. As bitter sweet as it is, life can become very hectic for some of us, and self-help audio book downloads are the answer to staying motivated, inspired and improve your mind without infringing on your daily schedule.

Almost every household today has a computer and MP3 player, and when you choose audio books over hard copies, there are many benefits. Obviously, being a sound file, you do not need to stop what you are doing to hear your book. This means you can listen while you clean, work, play with the children, walk, and visit the gym or drive. The opportunity for self-development is truly endless! The excuse that you have been too busy to read just does not wash anymore!

Whether you are using an MP3 player or your computer to listen to your books, you can use headphones if desired. No matter where you are or what is going on around you it’s simple to zone out and focus. More and more people are choosing audio books as a way of relaxing each day by taking time out from the world around them to listen. There are so many inspiring, enlightening and educational books that are available as audio book downloads for your easy listening. Many people remember information they hear easily yet have difficulty remembering what they read, so audio books are a perfect choice.

When you find a book you love it is common to want to read it several times. With your audio book downloads you can play them anytime you feel like brushing up on your knowledge, refreshing your memory or feeling re-inspired. An excellent example is an audio book download called The Power is Within You by Louise L. Hay, which you can listen to over and over until you have it almost memorized for recall any time you need it.

Some other top downloadable audio books are lower in cost than their hard copy alternatives. There is no limit to what you can learn or experience through listening to books; you can download audio books for your studies, to learn more about your hobbies, get ahead or stay up to date in your profession, self improvement and empowerment and of course for pure and simple enjoyment. There is also a wide range of fiction from both modern and classic literature available to be downloaded anytime.

Proving to be the most popular of all audio books are those relating to personal growth and improvement. There is a huge new age movement of people who are hungry to evolve spiritually, mentally and emotionally on an ongoing basis through their lives. With audio books being so readily available and easy to listen to, there is so much more opportunity to do this. Authors such as Anthony Robbins, Glenn Harold and Stephen R Covey are just some examples of self-help experts who have ensured their information is available for the audio book audience.

If you are new to downloading audio books, you could possibly find it overwhelming when you see how many are available on the internet for purchase. There is an abundance of information available in relation to self-development, but you want to be sure you are relying on trusted authors who have achieved known success.

These are ten of the top audio book downloads on the subject that are bound to help you to initiate personal growth and emotional development:

  • Boosting Your Confidence: Andrew Johnson
  • Awaken the Giant Within: Anthony Robbins
  • Develop a Powerful Memory: Glenn Harrold
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Stephen R. Covey
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People: Dale Carnegie
  • Dynamic Intuition: Laura Day
  • Be Creative: Guy Claxton & Bill Lucas
  • The Power is Within You: Louise L Hay
  • Creating Inner Peace and Calm: Glenn Harrold
  • The Magic of Thinking Big: David Schwarz

Do not waste another minute cleaning the floors or washing up in silence or to the dull drone of the distant television. Choose one of the above audio books to download and listen to, either on your MP3 player or home computer. You can even copy them to a CD and listen to them on your home entertainment system or in your Discman if you do not have an MP3 player.

Audio books are an authentic way to learn and grow, every opportunity you get and now just because you are busy no longer means you have to stagnate or become out of touch. After you have listened to one, you will want to listen again and again, and as soon as you feel you have had enough you can go and buy a new online audio book to start. It is that easy to supercharge your mind effortlessly with a self-help audio book!

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